Our Story

begins with 30 years of architectural experience in Europe, the Middle East, and UAE when a highly experienced and talented architect Victor Shenoda, together with partners decides to form a design and build company in Dubai back in November 2014.

Having combined advanced experience in technical engineering and construction with great management skills, and creativity, Maincrete became a competitive market player among the most professional and trusted companies in Dubai.

As the company name, “Maincrete” associates with Concrete, the most sustainable and durable building material, like the service provided by Maincrete is reputable and trustworthy. 

How we work

Every project is base on three main criteria:


The mile stone criteria of our work is to deliver high-end results that exceeds clients' expectations. Rigorous quality control allows to maintain high quality of service performance and material quality on all stages of a project.


To bring feeling of comfort to a space we use a formula of three points: a) functional space planning b) high quality materials, furniture and accessories,
c) style and colour scheme that match client's taste.


We believe that space is not just walls and ceiling, it is ambience that lives in and out.
True space tells a story, keeps memories, welcomes for retreat, it gathers people together and inspire.

Experience Statistics

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work-spaces projects

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Residential projects

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commercial projects

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Meet Our Team

Every one at Maincrete is qualified and experienced specialist who loves their job and do it with responsibility, respect and passion.

Victor Shenoda


Managing Director, Architect


Architect, Engineer


Designer, Architect


Interior Designer


Marketing Manager


Finance, Accountant

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