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Focused on our client’s requirements we create personized design for residential, commercial and retail projects.

Design Service allow to put on a paper your vision and estimate functionality and atmosphere of the space in order to reach perfection. Our realistic renders allow to see designed space with detailed textures and color scheme.

If you are not sure which style you want, our creative designers will help you understand your taste offering unique proposals which you will love. 


The Executive Department offers high quality fit-out and build service in Dubai for residential, commercial, retail, hospitality and others areas. 

Our Professional team consists of architects, designers, engineers, side supervisors and craftsmen who make their best input to deliver high-end project. 

We combine time proven construction technology with innovative solutions to keep pace with modernity and bring best out of best for our clients. 


Project step by step

1) Defining Client's Needs

is the first and most important step to start the project with. From understanding the purpose of the space, its size and users we determine style and budget of a project.

2) Concept Design\Mood Board

is the test of step 1 to make sure the project task is fully concerted, and selected design style is meeting client's taste and preferences.

3) 3D Visualization

reflects realist 3D look of future design to study visual image of staged up composition and hear client's comments.

4) Project Documentation

when creative work is done we finalize required technical drawing for the project along with authority permits and approvals.

5) Project Execution

starts with side preparation, gradual material supply, step by step tasks execution with safety and quality control on every work faze.

6) Project Hand Over

most awaited moment for everyone. Executed project along with completion certificate is handed over to a client. Now is time to celebrate the success.

Design Package

Build Package

Questions Answered

Most frequent questions and answers

If your design drawings meets our company standards we can do fit-out only.

The price depends on a space size and creative task.

Yes, in case all documentation work is done you can watch your project progress via 24/7 camera installed on the side.

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